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TOP 3 : Breastfeeding must haves!

As a new mom your body, mind and soul have been through a transformation to say the least. Here are 3 top breastfeeding must haves that helped me. One of the challenging and rewarding moments of motherhood is breastfeeding so make your life a little easier and just get these to help you out or put it on your baby registry.


1. Organic Mother's Milk Tea

This tea will make all the boys come to your yard for a milkshake. This tea super helpful in milk production for me and many of my mommy friends.


2. Soft Sports Bra

Forget the maternity bras! Stretchy sports bras were my go to and even after breastfeeding. It helps secure your new growing and shrinking breasts. When you need to feed the baby you just pop it out and pop it back in. Plus the soft texture is great for you and the baby.



Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Boppy what is this you ask? Well its a hug for your body why is this helpful? When your arms are exhausted from doing a million feedings the Boppy a Nursing Pillow and Positioner will make breastfeeding easier.


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