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Mess-Free Painting

Hearts, Circle, Squares oh my!

An easy mess-free method for toddlers to paint is to use water!

All you need is

  1. Paper or paper bags

  2. Paintbrush

  3. Water

There are many ways you can make this a teaching moment. One of them is to draw multiple shapes with a pen, crayon (or marker if you want it to bleed a bit) and have your toddler trace them with the paintbrush. The fastest way for a toddler to start writing the alphabet is to grasp how to draw the shapes.

Valentine's Day represents love and what is the most iconic symbol the HEART of course! Draw a few hearts and let your little one trace them with their brush. The heart shape is a bit more advanced so if your little one has a hard time start with the circle, square, and triangle.


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