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VALENTINES DAY Candy Heart Count

Let me count the ways to your heart!

Roses are red violets are blue 123 counting candy is fun too!

Besides love, what else is Valentine's day known for? CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! We J'adore chocolate here at Snacks and Study! However, let’s not forget a childhood staple during Valentine's Day the icon Sweetheart Candy. While I may not necessarily find them tasty I do think they are so adorable. That is what inspired me to create these candy heart counting activities.

4 WAYS TO USE “Candy Heart Count”

  1. Counting: The candy hearts are mini counting flashcards. Use it to help with memorization.

  2. Reading: On each heart we have spelled out the number. As the child advances to the next step you can have them spell and read the numbers.

  3. Matching: Place one of the numbered hearts on the activity sheet. Draw line to matching heart number and circle written number. For example put a Candy Heart (7) on the activity sheet outlined heart, child can draw a line to the matching heart number (7), next have them match the written number (SEVEN)

  4. Writing: Have the child trace the written numbers to help with handwriting and spelling.


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